Change of email provider – Sun 23rd @ 7pm




We need to change who provides our email. Gmail are thinking of removing the free service we use so we can have email addresses.  They are also collecting increasing amounts of personal data, basically skimming all our emails to glean info.


You will be able to use both or addresses.


I have found another provider that I have sorted out.  Moving the accounts is a bit of a faff so plan to do it Sunday night.  It will take a while for the internet to reroute everything, you will be able to see your email from Monday morning via the new webmail portal at:


from there you can also change your password and import your old emails from gmail to the new provider.  If you get stuck I will be able to do it (but I will need your password).


Here is some info to help.


1. Change your password (your default one is .....)


2.  Set up software e.g. iPhone, outlook etc, guides are here:


3. Transfer your emails from gmail, please add ‘-old' to your name so it picks up right address, e.g. Anna’s will be


4. If you want to use a address as main email address then change the 'reply to' info:


If you use google for your calendar then you can continue to do so.  We moved ours to apple some time ago and it is quicker.  Can help do this if needs be.


Please shout if this is confusing - otherwise it will start on Sunday evening.